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We often hear stories of amazing healing second hand. This is my story. I came down with a non-diagnosable illness whose symptoms included violent and constant non-productive coughing. I didn’t sleep for 3 weeks. It was so serious that I could not work, I had no appetite whatsoever, couldn’t digest properly if I did eat and was always exhausted. Imagine not even yawning, that’s how bad it was. I went to my doctor in Chicago, they prescribed cough medicine and an antibiotic. Nothing changed for another 2 weeks. I returned and was prescribed another antibiotic and another cough medicine. No change for another week.
With the encouragement of my wife I traveled to Espanola and put myself under the care of Dr. Japa Kaur Khalsa. She developed a treatment plan that was specific to my needs.
By the end of a week I was sleeping soundly through the night, and strong enough to even cook meals for the household.
If that wasn’t enough I lost weight, stopped snoring and my legs and hands were no longer swelling!
I came down there a 2004 Suburu Forester and left a 2010 Jaguar!
My sincere thanks and appreciation…
– SSK Chicago

Dear Dr Japa,

thank you very much for sending this to me. it has come at a particularly important moment in my life. health-wise, i have been from here to hell and back since you last treated me so long ago. however, i am doing better now, and sometime soon in need to get back to having you treat me. western medicine has really put me through hell and damaged me, but i am coming back from the torture and hope to make a full recovery.

grace and peace,