Solstice Follow up

Dear friends & students,

Subagh KriyaMany blessings to you in your post-Solstice journey! We are now 28 days post-White Tantric Yoga – what are you doing to stay connected to the Tantric energy?

I have just started a 40 day practice of Subagh Kriya, which is fun and brings prosperity in unexpected ways. Please join me (instructions attached), or let me know what your practice is like these days!

japanfriendsI just got back from an amazing week teaching Kundalini Yoga in Ikoma, Japan. There is an amazing community there, and I would like to share my experience with you…..The Japanese culture is so spiritually in tune – its people really understand how energy moves in the body. It was my first time teaching where I didn’t need to go into a long explanation of what meridians are, as they have grown up understanding them! The flow of Qi in the body is even common in popular television shows, where martial artists fight telekinetically.

japan templeThere is a tidiness and immaculate quality to the whole country. Special attention is given to separating ‘outside dirt’ from indoors, and keeping ‘bathroom germs’ from the rest of the home. I really enjoyed the special slippers they use. Such an organized country! The Japanese diet is so much healthier than American food – it was so refreshing. The portion sizes are smaller and they have a lot of raw and cultured vegetables on the plate. Using chopsticks, I noticed it is almost impossible to shovel food into your mouth quickly, which aids in eating only up to the point of being full. This connection and awareness of Mind-Body-Spirit is so vast. The majority of the people were slim and not overweight; I noticed I even lost 5 pounds that week.specialslippers

May we be that connected in our daily lives that we live simply, eat well and take care of and help each other every day.

I hope your post solstice experience is wonderful. Please reach out if you would like an acupuncture treatment or health consultation.

Dr. Japa Kaur Khalsa

ps. Not everything on my trip went as planned. On the way oroadcrewut of town, our car’s tire exploded while we were driving 65 mph. I started chanting immediately, and we managed to pull over safely thanks to Guru Ram Das and our driver Sada Anand Singh. Wouldn’t you know it, but within seconds an official Japanese highway patrol van pulled up and helped us changed our tire and stay safe. I admire the organization and helpfulness of the Japanese people!

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