Hoʻoponopono; How our bodies can heal when we practice forgiveness

Sometimes a communication happens that is so painful that it can extend into the body and last for a period of time. I see so many people with injuries that are not just musculoskeletal in nature but stem from the shared human experience and what we go through. If someone speaks to you in a harsh or angry way or is judgemental or blaming, your body can absorb the shock of the words and make it into “dis”comfort which can become “Dis” ease. I’ve had many times where a relationship went awry or a painful episode happens with another and my physical body can go into upset. We can create illness through our own judgement of others and also when people judge or hurt us.

Last fall I separated from a longtime friend because of painful words between us and the next week I flew over my handlebars while biking and wrecked my mountain bike. For months afterwards while my injuries and bruises were healing I knew that it was my pain around my lost friend that was releasing from my body. After several months had passed I woke up at night with the injury throbbing again, it had almost completely resolved but here it was flaring up. I knew that my mind was moving forward the issue with my friend and that I needed to amp up my subtle spirit to help my body and mind heal. I started praying for forgiveness and asking to be released from the suffering. Spontanously I started to recite and feel the depth of the Hoʻoponopono prayer for forgivness and reconciliation. “I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you and I love you.” This prayer overwhelmed me that morning for about 15 minutes and I could feel my heart forgive myself and my friend for what had transpired. I had not been able to say a word to my friend in person and had avoided her for months, but when I said these words over and over again, my heart broke open with gladness. My musculoskeletal injuries from the bike wreck subsided completely once again.

The next week I ran into my friend and we hugged and chatted and felt that familial energy of the peace that could exist between us. I look to this prayer Hoʻoponopono

as a great protector for empaths and a way for people to tap into and feel the collective energy of the Cosmos and allow for healing to happen. Now everytime I feel upset, offended or hurt, I say this prayer, allowing my body to take full responsibility that this is an experience I brought to myself for healing. What doors can we open for healing when we say these magic words?

I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you and thank you.

Dr. Japa K. Khalsa

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